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rubber powder recycling production line
The rubber powders are widely used and hardly cover all industrial lines. It can replace the material such as plastic and PCV, instead of nature rubber, be rebirth tires .It is used in sport runway and shoe sole, it also can be used in highway, air trip as well as third generation railway sleeper as modification asphalt.
rubber powder recycling production line
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Double hook tire wire drawing machine

This product is our company introduces the advanced technology research and absorbing and second generation product. At the general temperature, can be put directly into the tyre antrum coarse crushing into 50 * 50 mm block, so the next rotating can grind into 10-30 meshes tagma or wire and fiber separation equipment.
This machine is a compact structure, advanced technology, low energy consumption, high efficiency, smashing off the test room for the structure, maintenance is particularly convenient; tools with carbide surfacing technology, high hardness, high wear resistance, and repeated repair using, so has a longer service life; rotary screen for the lattice structure of steel mesh, blanking large area, enabling the screening of qualified rubber. After the partition of large tires can achieve the effect of the same!
Mechanical description;the tire of 900mm diameter and rubber ring can directly breaken into 50-300 mmof plastic block.
Motor drive through planetary gear reducer with a strong cutting torque, at gerenal temperature, continuous cutting, pressing, frustrated, after grinding, crushing the material into the cutting room the initial cut into blocks, the automatic sorting sieve screen, broken qualified material output, the rest of the larger materials with other materials to be broken again with the broken back to cutting room, and so forth until the output of qualified circulation of materials.

Technical parameters
Model zps-900 zps-1200
Input size Less than 900 Less than 1200
Discharge size 50-300mm(adjustable) 50-300mm(adjustable)
Motor power 30*2kw 75*2kw
Dimension 3450*2100*2400mm 4100*2730*3300mm
Amount of waste tire 0.8-1.5T/h 2000-3800kg/h
Screen power 1.5KW 5.5KW
Main shaft speed 19rpm 22rpm
Screen speed 4rpm 25rpm
Number of blades 16pcs, made of alloy steel, welded 20pcs, made of alloy steel, welded
Gearbox harden gears, large torque harden gears, large torque
weight 5.8T 15.6T

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