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rubber powder recycling production line
The rubber powders are widely used and hardly cover all industrial lines. It can replace the material such as plastic and PCV, instead of nature rubber, be rebirth tires .It is used in sport runway and shoe sole, it also can be used in highway, air trip as well as third generation railway sleeper as modification asphalt.
rubber powder recycling production line
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Double hook tire wire drawing machine

We develop CSJ crusher to the pretreatment of all kinds of materials, it is applied by the industry of rubber, plastics, chemical and Chinese herbal medicine.
Structure and work theory:
It is used in crush different kinds of materials with knife, made of the hard alloy steel or wear-resistant steel. Cut and grind materials by the revolving and fixed knife. The particle could be controlled by the size of mesh. The machine has water cooling device, it is help to control the temperature of crushing and good for the quality of the products.

Technical parameters
Model CSJ-22-I
Production capacity 250-600KG / H
Power 22kW
Speed 900 r / min
Dimensions 95×100 ×145cm
weight 2.4 tons

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